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            About "Venado Macho Inc."
"Venado Macho" was formed in 1995 by a small town taxidermy and hunting retail family business to be a deer hunting contest in the state of Texas held at the Freer Deer Camp in Freer, Texas. 

Venado Macho Inc. has since evolved into a Qualified 501(C)(3)Non Profit Organization Supporting Wounded Hero's.  The  same family that gave it it's roots along with their Board of Directors still operate it in Freer, Texas. 

In 2010 the organization started supporting Wounded Soldiers, after a friend's son returned from the Iraq War with a traumatic brain injury.  Discovering that this Hero would have to have 24 hour care and special equipment the Freer Deer Camp changed the focus of the Venado Macho, which would be to give back to our Wounded Vets and to become a 501 (c)(3) Charity Organization.  

One of our largest fund raising events for our Wounded Hero each year is the hunting contest.  Every hunter that enters is doing so to help our Hero.  Funds are also raised  throughout the year with different Raffles.  Our single focus is to give back to our Wounded Hero's that have given so much of themselves.  

The Largest Event is held in April of each year, the Venado Macho Banquet.  Here is where all that have given thru donations or entry into the contest along with our Sponsors are invited to come.  This gives them an opportunity to meet our Hero for the year,  along with his/her family, as well as mingle with others that have given.  Those who won something in the contest are awarded for their trophies that were taken and all are served a Fish Fry Dinner and enjoy some  Live Music.  Fund raising is continued during the banquet with Raffles, Live and Silent Auctions.  

Funds raised during the year through all events are given to our Hero after expenditures are paid.  There are no paid salaries to any of the Officers or Directors involved with the Venado Macho,  all volunteer their work.

Vendao Macho is always looking for and in need of new Corporate Sponsors, Independent Business Sponsors, Ranches and Individual Sponsorship. 

                       Your Donation or Entry is Tax Deductible
                                     Federal ID 47-1592022

         Brad Thomas
    Anthony Thompson
        Steven Eakins
          Jerry Cortinas
  Traumatic Brain Injury
  Traumatic Brain Injury
 Traumatic Brain Injury
    Traumatic Amputation,  
    Skull Fracture & PTSD
   Anthony Lewis
   Severe AFIB            &  PTSD
Below Are The Soldiers That Have been Sponsored from 2010-2018
   Jim Castaneda
  Head and Neck Injury w/right side paralysis.
    Deductible Donation

     Ralph Flores
  PTSD & Severe  
   Back Problems
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